SUDOPAK LTD. İs design, consulting and engineering company mostly specializing in the comprehensive resolution of transport infrastructure needs, in particular, railway structures, road and highway structures and urban transport systems. Our fırm not only designs the overall technical solutions, including bridge, tunnel and engineering structures, communications and signalling systems, electrification and power suppply but also resolves issues such as transport management and organisation, transport technology and rolling stock, workshops, logistics, pricing policy, the economics of transport and financing and the environmental impact of projects.

Other areas in which SUDOPAK LTD.operates are the design of underground and industrial structures, utilities , telecommunications and energy.The activities of SUDOPAK LTD. also include consulting services in the area of regional development , improvement of regional transport system and project financing.

SUDOPAK LTD. is one of design and engineering organisations in Turkey which is modern and prospering . The scope and quality of services it provides rank it among the top consulting firms in Turkey. A wide spectrum of professional skills, long-term experience and moderntechnical background makes it possible for SUDOPAK cooperate with significant investors in large , complex transport infrastructure projects.