Transport planning,technology and economics

.  Prognosis and evaluations of the transport market

.  Transport surveys and analyses

.  Source materials for creating andupdating the transport policies of the state , regions cities and villages

.  Planning technical studies and transport master plans, feasibility studies

.  Transport technology in railway transport

.  Assessment of efficiency of railway lines , roads and highways

.  Organisation , management and technology of the operation of multi modal transport terminals, freight centres and railway sidings

.  Marketing plans

Railway Structures

.  New structures and reconstructions of railway lines, junctions and stations,

railways sidings, narrow-gauge lines

.  Comprehensive documentation of railway superstructure of lines and stations,

İncluding design of alignment and spatial arrangement

.  Comprehensive documentation of railway substructure , including sleeper underbed

 Structure , ground works, drainage and redevelopment

.  Anti-vibration measures

.  Transport and operating technology

Roads and highways

.  Motorways, roads , urban, local and purpose – built roads

.  Interchanges and crossroads

.  Hard surfaces , car parks, factory roads

.  Bus terminals

.  Traffic census anad status report of roads

.  Master plans for transport solutions- residental areas, roads with traffic limits, pedestrian zones and cycle paths, organisation of current road traffic, surface and landscaping

.  Expert opinions

water – management structures

.  Comprehensive water- management solutions for transport structures

.  Drainage and sewerage systems of roads, sedimentation and retention tanks

.  Drainage of railway stations and station crossroads

.  Water- treatment plants

.  External water mains and sewerage systems- new structures and re-laying

.  Alteration of drainage channels

.  Hydro technical calculations – assessment of bridge openings and culverts

.  Assessment of ground water contamination

Bridges and engineering structures

.  Railway, road, highway, tram and technological bridges

.  Footbridges and underpasses for pedestrians

.  Retaining and revetment walls

.  Road and railway scales

.  Collectors and culverts

.  Expert and information management systems for bridges and tunnels


.  Railway , road , highway and urban tunnels

.  Investigate and permanent adits and shafts

.  Other underground structures- garages , warehouses and transformer stations

.  Special foundation and geotechnical structures for the building of engineering structures

Sea and coastal structures

.  Planning and designing of sea and coastal structures

.  Port, harbour, marina, fishing port studies and projects

.  Analysis of economic lines

.  Coastal design and coastal protection studies

.  Environmental impact analysis

architecture and ground structures

.  Town planning, architectural studies

.  Ground structures and buildings required for transport infrastructure

.  Structures for residental construction and civil facilities

.  Structures for production and repair technologies , petrol stations

.  Engineering networks, cable routes, product lines

.  Fire protection of buildings

.  Structural and technical expert opinions

.  Noise barriers, individual anti-noise measures